Our lab aims to bring bendable and low-cost electronics to fruition through an improved understanding of the links between organic material structure and electrical function.

Scanning probe methods for nanoscale structure-function mapping

Scanning probe microscopies are uniquely capable of simultaneous topographic and electrical characterization with nanometer scale resolution. Using various scanning probe modes, together with complementary x-ray and electron microscope methods, we investigate the links between nanoscale structure and electrical function in organic nanostructures, films, and device active layers.

Nanostructured organic solar cells

A bi-component nanostructured morphology plays an essential role in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells. We aim to improve control over active layer nanomorphology and understand the impact of nanoscale interface and domain structure on charge photogeneration and transport.

Semiconducting organic fibers

Self-assembled organic fibers combine the performance benefits of single crystals with facile solution processing. We are investigating the optoelectronic properties of individual fibers and the collective properties of fiber ensembles.

Graphene and related materials

Atomic sheet systems have enormous potential for flexible device applications. We are interested in the electrical, optical, chemical, and mechanical properties of these materials.

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